Repairs and Maintenance

A Full Service Professional Bicycle Shop

Biking is a prevalent form of transportation. When you use something you love often, it will need some tender love and care. Family Bicycles knows just how to fix it. If you’re like most bike enthusiasts, you love taking your bike out for a ride as often as possible. However, bike repairs in Lake Worth, FL, can be expensive if you don’t know how to do them yourself. Here are some tips on how to keep your bike running smoothly without spending a fortune at the bike repairs shop.

Check Over: $69.99

Services Included
  • Adjustments- Breaks
  • Adjustments- Gears
  • Lubricate – Chain
  • Lubricate – Cables

Standard Tune Up: $109.99

Services Included
  • Cleaning – Wipe
  • Cleaning – HeadSet
  • Cleaning – Cranks
  • Adjustments – Breaks
  • Adjustments- Gears
  • Lubricate – Chain
  • Lubricate – Cables

Major Tune Up: $159.99

Services Included
  • Disassembly – Complete
  • Re-pack – Bottom Bracket
  • Re-pack – Headset
  • Re-pack – Hubs
  • Cleaning – Wipe
  • Cleaning – Wash
  • Cleaning – Wax
  • Adjustments – Breaks
  • Adjustments- Gears
  • Adjustments – Wheels
  • Lubrication – Chains
  • Lubrication- Cables
  • Professionally Assembled

We also do all repairs on bicycles and also repairs on E-Bikes minus motor or battery unless bought at our shop. It is safe to say we know a bit about bicycles. We take pride in our community and make sure our customers are happy with the services we provide them, so please come to Family Bicycle in Lake Worth, Fl, for any bike repairs shop needs you may come across. You can also call us at 561-533-6040 if you would like to make an appointment.

Labor Rates (Parts Not Included)

Based on $75.00 Per Hour. — Minimum service Fee $10.00
Break-in Tune-up (within 60 Days)N/C
Late Break-in Tune-Up After 60 Days Up To First Year$40.00-60.00
Tune-up (Geared)$79.99
Tune-up (Single SPD/Freestyle)$40.00-60.00
Super Tune-up (Includes Drive Train Cleaning)$120.00-150.00
Bike Build$60.00-150.00
Pro Build$180.00
Box to ship$79.99
Flats on Bike$10.00
Flats off Bike$7.00
Flats with Tune-Up$9.00
Flats on E-Bikes & Fat Bikes$25.00-60.00
Tubeless Ready Tire Set Up $35.00-50.00
Non TLR Tubeless Tire Set Up$50.00-80.00
Mount Tubulars$30.00
Wheel True/Spoke Replacement$15.00-35.00
Wheel Build$30.00-60.00 Depends on # Spokes
Hub Overhaul$20.00-40.00
Install New Front Wheel$18.00-25.00
Install New Rear Wheel$25.00-40.00
Adjust Hub$15.00-30.00
Install Chain & Freewheel/Cassette$30.00-45.00
Install Chain$20.00
Install Freewheel/Cassette$25.00-30.00
Install Chainrings$20.00-40.00
Install Derailleur$25.00-40.00
Install ATB Shifter$30.00-40.00
Install Road Shifter$30.00-40.00
Drivetrain Cleaning$60.00
Adjust both Derailleurs$30.00-50.00
Adjust Derailleur Front or Rear$20.00-25.00
Derailleur Hanger Alignment/Installation$25.00-40.00
Install Derailleur Cable$20.00-40.00
Install Internal Derailleur Cable$30.00-40.00
Install/Overhaul Bottom Bracket$30.00-40-00
Install Left Side Crank Arm$20.00
Install Complete Crankset$25.00-50.00
Firmware Updates for Electronic Components$25.00-50.00
Install Disc Brake Pads$20.00-30.00
Install Brake Caliper$20.00-40.00
Install Brake Caliper Road $30.00-45.00
Install Hydraulic Disc Brake (EA)$40.00-60.00
Install Mechanical Disc Brake (EA)$30.00-40.00
Adjust Brake Front 0r Back$15.00-25.00
Bleed Hydraulic Brake$35.00-45.00
Install Brake Cable$20.00-35.00
Install Internal Brake Cable$30.00-70.00
Install Internal Disc Brake Line$40.00-60.00
Front End
Install Headset$20.00-30.00
Install Gyro$25.00
Install Rigid Fork$40.00-60.00
Install Road Handlebar includes taping$40.00-60.00
Install Mtn/Hybrid/Cruiser Handlebar$30.00-50.00
Install Aerobars$25.00-35.00
Tape Road H-Bar/Install Grips or Barends$15.00
Install Threadless Stem$10.00-20.00
Install/Service Dropper Post$40.00-60.00
Install Suspension Fork$30.00-40.00
Install Rear Shock$20.00-30.00
Air/Adjust Front or Rear Shock$10.00
Overhaul Suspension Fork (Usually Sent out)Market
Overhaul Pivot Bearings/Bushings$40.00-60.00
Install Rear Rack/Baby Seats(additional hardware not included)$25.00-35.00
Computers w/Cadence$25.00
Integrated Computers (Flight Deck, Power Tap, SRM)$35.00
Training Wheels$15.00
Install Cleats on shoes$5.00
Install Pedals$10.00
Calibrate Computer$15.00
Install Saddle/Seat$10.00

$10.00 per week storage fee for repairs left over 30 days After 60 days bike is for sale.